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Quick Survey for Panowalker

Do you have any suggestions for Panowalker? If so, tell us what you think about Panowalker by participating in this quick survey:

1. What's your profession?

Multimedia or graphic designer
Website designer
Virtual tour designer
Real estate broker/agent
Travel & tourism company
Consulting (please specify the industry) 
Government or organization
Others (please specify ) 

2. What type of virtual tour do you make?
Real estate
School & College
Shopping mall
Spa or fitness
Meeting or convention
Others (please specify) 

3. Have you ever advised the Panowalker virtual tour effect to your clients?
Yes. (Go to Question 4)
No. (Go to Question 5)
I don't make virtual tour for business.

4. What's the reaction from your clients when you advised the effect to them?
They like it and want to do similar virtual tour
They are interested but the feature or performance of Panowalker does not meet the requirements (please specify)  
They don't think it's necessary compared with virtual tour made by Tourweaver.
They don't like it because (please specify) 

5. Will you consider recommending the Panowalker virtual tour effect to your clients or use it as a new solution for your business?
Maybe. It depends on (please specify) 

6. The reason that you don't prefer this kind of virtual tour is
Too much photographing work and costs much time.
The feature or performance of Panowalker does not meet my requests (Please specify) 
Not necessary, and Tourweaver is more cost effective
Others (please specify) 

7. Please input any ideas or suggestions to Panowalker.

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Website:   Phone:   Country:
Email:     MSN:
Address:     Zip Code:

Note: Easypano DOES NOT reveal without permission your personal information at any time.

Thanks for Your Participation!

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