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User Requirements Questionnaire for Auto-Modeling Product Development

  • Please choose your answers to the questions and make sure that what you write is in detail.
  • To learn more about the Easypano's planned auto-modeling product and the rewards you may get after filling out this questionnaire, please click here.
  • The deadline for responses to this questionnaire is July 31st, 2005.

Part 1. General Requirements

1.1 Which field are you in? (check all that apply)

Real Estate
Entertainment & Games
3D Animation
3D Advertising
Architecture Design and Show
City Simulation
Virtual Exhibition
Other (please specify)  

1.2 How often will you need to produce 3D simulations, and in what workflow or at what stage of your work? (check all that apply)
Often, in these workflows or stages:  
Occasionally, in these workflows or stages:  
Almost never

1.3 How will you apply 3D simulations? (check all that apply)
To randomly roam in the simulated scenes or for other interactive showing purposes
To freely show simulated objects in all directions, or with interactive operations
To fully merge simulated models with virtually designed models
To get the simulation model quickly before further modifications
Other (please specify)  

1.4 What kinds of 3D simulations will you need? (check all that apply)
Human or animal
Static object
Outdoor architecture
Outdoor landscape
Interior environment
Other (please specify)  

1.5 Should the 3D simulations in your work be whole models? (check only one that apply)
Yes, whole models needed, which could be viewed from any direction
No, only parts of the models needed, from only some points of view
It depends (please specify)  
Other (please specify)  

1.6 What would be your required definition of a close-shot 3D simulation at least? (check only one that apply)
320x240 or less
320x240 - 1024x768 (please specify)  
Higher than 1024x768 (please specify)  

1.7 What would be your required data precision and format of a 3D simulation? (check only one that apply)
8bit, and the format is: 
16bit, and the format is: 
24bit, and the format is: 
32bit, and the format is: 
other (please specify) 

1.8 What modifications will you apply to a 3D simulation? (check all that apply)
Model shaping
Model texturing
Model lighting
Model rendering
Other (please specify)  

1.9 If you think it's unnecessary to produce 3D simulated models in your work, what are the main reasons? (check all that apply)
Panorama show could work well for me
Video or movie could work well for me
Some tricks like compositing, camera match, matchmoving could work well for me (please specify)  
Other (please specify)  

Part 2. Your Current Solution

2.1 How do you produce simulation models now? (check all that apply)
Totally model with 3D modeling software like Maya, 3D Studio Max, AutoCAD, Lightwave, etc. (please specify the software name) 
Use the above software to produce the shape of the models, then manually paste photograph blocks of the real scene/object onto the model's surface
Order or use ready-made models (model bank)
Use 3D scanners or digitizers (please specify the brand) 
Use image-based modeling software (please specify the brand)  
Use self-made solutions or special customized industry solutions (please specify)  
Other (please specify) 

2.2 To what degree has your current solution contributed in the modeling (not including the steps after the model having been exported into other software for further modification)? (check all that apply)
Model Shaping
Model Texturing
Model Lighting
Model Rendering
Other (please specify)  

2.3 The speed of your above current solution to deal with the daily business (for example, from shooting around a street block, to get a street block model with accurate shape and texture, not including the steps after having been exported into other software for further modification)? (check only one that apply)
Several minutes - several hours
Several days - a week
Several weeks - a month
Several months

2.4 Do you have any dissatisfaction to the above solution you are using now? (check all that apply)
Yes, the cost is too high
Yes, it's still not easy to use, and could not really save my time (please specify the details if possible) 
Yes, but other dissatisfaction (please specify) 
No, I'm satisfied

2.5 Under what Operating System, do you use software for modeling in your above solution? (check only one that apply)
Other (please specify)  

2.6 What are your current requirements during the stages of image capture (camera/digital camera/other) and 3D model displaying (web/CD/VCD/other)?

Part 3. Product Requirements

3.1 Choose one that you think is the most important for an auto-modeling software: (check only one that apply)
Ability to produce high definition (photorealistic) simulation models
High automation or low labor
Favorable price
All-sided functions
Customized to special industry work flows
Other (please specify) 

3.2 Which solution will you prefer if it's up to you to design the product? (check only one that apply)
Scene modeling from several panoramas; although not fully automated, the models could be very accurate and with high definition
Scene modeling from a video shot from a digital video camera; almost fully automated but the model accuracy and definition may be not as high as in A
Object modeling from a video shot from a digital video camera; almost fully automated; the accuracy and definition is good enough, but it could only be applied to object modeling
Other (please specify) 

3.3 To what degree do you think that our auto-modeling software should realize the modeling work? (check all that apply)
The mission of this product is mainly modeling (including the model shape and surface textures) from real scenes/objects, and the further model modification could be executed in other 3D software like Maya, Max
Other features you think must-have (please specify) 
Other features you suggest us to consider (please specify)  
Industry customized total solution is necessary, otherwise could not be applied easily (please specify)  

3.4 To what degree, would you like the automation to be in the modeling? (check only one that apply)
I could accept a bit higher price if the automation is really realized
I could accept a half-automatic product at a middle price point
I could accept a not-so-easy-to-use product if it's cheap enough
I don't mind whether it's automated. What I need is accurate and high definition simulation models

3.5 The once-for-all price you could accept to buy an auto-modeling product? (check only one that apply)
If only for automatic object modeling: > $1000
If only for automatic object modeling: $500 - $1000
If only for automatic object modeling: $100 - $500
If only for automatic object modeling: < $100
If for automatic scene and object modeling: > $2000
If for automatic scene and object modeling: $1000 - $2000
If for automatic scene and object modeling: $500 - $1000
If for automatic scene and object modeling: < $500

3.6 Would you like us to invite you trying the auto-modeling software for free once it's released in 2006? (check only one that apply)
Yes, invite me before the release
Yes, invite me after the release
It doesn't matter invite me or not
No, don't invite me

Part 4. Other

4.1 Where did you hear of this survey/questionnaire? (check only one that apply)
Easypano website
Easypano email notification
Forum (please specify) 
Friend referral
Other (please specify)  

4.2 Do you have any other questions or suggestions on our planned auto-modeling software?

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