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Survey Questionnaire for Tourweaver

Hi Easypano Users,
Easypano is determined to develop the most wonderful virtual tour software. We have technology. We have experience. We also have the ambition. We have got everything except your participation. Now please give us the opportunity to know more about your story with Tourweaver. We sincerely value each member’s feedback.
Please fill in the information in this questionnaire. We appreciate your time and generosity.
What is the new Tourweaver like? It's up to you!

1. Please give scores to Tourweaver. (up to 10)

Customer service: 

2. Which version of Tourweaver are you using?
a. Tourweaver 7 Professional.
b. Tourweaver 7 Standard
c. Tourweaver 6 Professional
d. Tourweaver 6 Standard
e. Others  

3. What kind of virtual tour do you want to make?
a. Simple and clear
b. Elaborate
c. True to nature
d. Others 

4. What do you make a virtual tour for?
a. Real estate
b. Photography art
c. Tourism
d. Police department and government affairs
e. I’m interested in different things
f. Others 

5. Do you have any idea about the layout of Tourweaver?

6. What do you think is the most fantastic function in Tourweaver?

7. What is the most often-used function in Tourweaver?

8. Is there any function in Tourweaver that you have not fully understood yet?

9. Do you have any troubles in using Tourweaver?

10. What new functions do you want in Tourweaver?

Questionnaire Completed by:


Note: Easypano WILL NOT reveal without permission your personal information at any time.

Thanks for Your Participation!

Please press the "Submit" button to submit the questionnaire to us. If error happens during the submission, please contact us, or copy and send your filled questionnaire form to