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Questionnaire for Tourweaver Mac Starter

Thank you very much for your long-term support to Easypano products. In order to meet the increasing demand of fantastic new features from our customers, we are going to offer an upgraded version of Tourweaver Mac Starter, but here we would like to hear your comments and suggestions for this product first.

What's your profession?

Multimedia or graphic designer
Website designer
Real estate broker/agent
Travel & tourism company
Government or organization
Other (please specify) 

What type of virtual tour do you make?
Real estate
School & College
Shopping mall
Spa or fitness
Meeting or convention
Others (please specify) 

I learned about Easypano from:
Search engine like Google.
Other channels. Please specify  

Do you meet with any problems when using Tourweaver Mac Starter? Do you have any suggestion for Tourweaver Mac Starter?

In the current version of Tourweaver Mac Starter, what features do you find useful?

What features do you expect in the updated version of Tourweaver for Mac?

Questionnaire Completed by:

Name:   Title:   Company:
Website:   Phone:   Country:
Email:     MSN:
Address:     Zip Code:

Note: Easypano DOES NOT reveal without permission your personal information at any time.

Thanks for Your Participation!

Please press the "Submit" button to submit the questionnaire to us. If error happens during the submission, please contact us, or copy and send your filled questionnaire form to