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Questionnaire Survey

First, thank you for choosing tour hosting service from Easypano! We would like to know your concerns and suggestions about this new service. Your answers will help us improve our product and service. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

1. I learnt about Tour Hosting site from:

Others. Please specify 

2. I make virtual tours
for my own property listings
for my real estate clients
for fun
Others. Please specify 

3. I use these types of photos:
360 degree spherical panorama
360 degree cylindrical panorama
360 degree panorama stitched with Instant Pano
Normal digital photos

4. I use the following photo stitching software
Instant Pano
Others. Please specify 

5. I would like to see more features in the virtual tour templates.

6. Other suggestions

Questionnaire Completed by:

Name:   Title:   Company:
Website:   Phone:   Country:
Email:     MSN:
Address:     Zip Code:

Note: Easypano DOES NOT reveal without permission your personal information at any time.

Thanks for your feedback!

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