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User Requests for Image-based 3D Object Modeling

  • The survey focuses on 3D object models only rather than scene modeling. Please choose your answers to the questions and make sure that what you write is in detail.
  • Different from Easypano Modelweaver, which creates 3D object model in Flash for display purpose only, what we are planning is something to create "real" 3D models that can be combined with other 3D modeling software and used in more industries.
  • As a reward, we will offer $50 off any new purchase of Panoweaver 6.00 Professional, Tourweaver 5.00 Professional or Modelweaver to those who feed us genuine, objective and detailed information. You will also be invited to test the new product as soon as it's available if you like.
  • The deadline to submit this questionnaire is July 31st, 2010.

Easypano is committed to customer satisfaction and would like to know how well we're doing. Your answers will help us improve our service. We appreciate any of your feedbacks.

Questionnaire Completed by:

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Note: Easypano DOES NOT reveal without permission your personal information at any time.

Part 1. General Questions

1.1 What field are you in? (please check all that apply)

Real estate
Museum or heritage
Entertainment & Games
Others (please specify) 

1.2 How often do you use 3D object model?
Almost never

1.3 What kind of 3D object models do you need? (please check all that apply)
Human or animal
Museum and heritage
Consumer electronics
Art and craft
Cars & vehicles
Others (please specify) 

1.4 How do you apply 3D object models? (please check all that apply)
Merge 3D object models with panorama or virtually designed scene
Independently show the 3D object model in all directions, or with interactive operation
To get the 3D model quickly before further modification
Others (please specify) 

1.5 If you think it's unnecessary to create 3D simulation models in your work, what's the main reason? (please check all that apply)
Panorama works well for me
Video or movie works well for me
Others (please specify ) 

1.6 Is 360 degree necessary for your 3D object model?
Yes, it's necessary to view the model in any direction.
No, some part of the object cannot or don't have to be seen.
It depends (please specify) 
Others (please specify) 

1.7 Is measuring distance on 3D model useful for you?
Yes, it's necessary.
No, I don't need this function.
Not necessarily, but would be better if I can do it.
Others (please specify) 

Part 2. Your Current Solution
2.1 What 3D modeling software do you use now? (please check all that apply)
3Ds Max
Cinema 4D
Lightware 3D
Rhino 3D
Others (please specify) 

2.2 How do you create 3D modeling now? (please check all that apply)
Totally use 3D modeling software like 3Ds Max, Maya, Lightware, Rhino, etc.
Use above software to produce shape of the models, then manually apply a 2D texture image to the surface
Order or use ready-made models
Use 3D scanners or digitizers (please specify the brand) 
Use image-based modeling software (please specify the brand) 
Others (please specify) 

2.3 How much time does it cost you to create a 3D object model?
Several minutes – several hours
Several days – a week
Several weeks – a month
Several months

2.4 Under what operating system do you use software to create 3D model? (please check all that apply)
Others (please specify) 

2.5 Where do you display the 3D object models during your daily work? (please check all that apply)
Others (please specify) 

2.6 Do you have any dissatisfaction to your current 3D modeling solution? (please check all that apply)
Yes, too expensive
Yes, it's not easy to use, and cost too much time (please specify the details if possible) 
Yes, but other dissatisfaction (please specify) 
No, I'm satisfied

Part 3. Others

3.1 Where did you know about this questionnaire?
Easypano website
Email notification
Forum (please specify) 
Friend referral
Others (please specify) 

3.2 Do you have any other questions or suggestions on image-based 3D object modeling?

Thanks for your feedback!

Please press the "Submit" button to submit the questionnaire to us. If error happens during the submission, please contact us, or copy and send your filled questionnaire form to

Note: Please provide the email address you use to participate this survey and ask Easypano support for the $50 discount.